Product Review Summarization API


Announcement on ending the support service for Product Review Summarization API

We would like to extend our deep appreciation for a long patronage for Product Review Summarization API,
but we regret to inform you that we have stopped its support service since last December 3 , 2018.

Thank you for your continuing support. We will always be at your service.

By using Japanese Product Review Summarization API, you can create an application which summarize several reviews about same product by extracting and ordering important sentences from those reviews.

Overview: Japanese Product Review Summarization API

Japanese Product Review Summarization API summarizes the sent-in Japanese reviews into a short summary. This summary consists of important sentences of those reviews. And these sentences are ordered to improve reader's comprehension.
These summary is useful when analyzing the vast amount of reviews on the web. It makes easier to recognize customers' evaluation about your products.

This API is tuned for reviews about products such as "personal computer", "computer peripherals" and "home audio & home theater". However, it is able to tune for several product categories.


Request parameters

Acceptable POST requests: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json
※ Please be note that GET requests are not acceptable.

Reviews which you are to summarize may be protected by Copyright law of JAPAN. You shall obtain permission from each copyright holder to summarize reviews.

Parameter name Explanation
app_id (Required) Application ID. This is a required parameter.
request_id Request ID. If omitted, then request_id is assumed to be "[TAB]request timestamp[TAB]consecutive number".
review_list (Required) Review articles to summarize. Store articles in array format. This is a required parameter.
length Length of summary. Select a target length from 60, 120 and 180. If omitted the length is assumed to be "120".

Response parameters

API response body: JSON format
API content-type: application/json

Parameter name Explanation
request_id Same value as request.
length Same value as request.
summary Summary of reviews. A string which length is similar to the length in request.

Input/Output sample

Input sample(application/json)

{"app_id":"[app_id]", "request_id":"record005", "length":60, "review_list":["機能は限られていますが、必要十分でしょう。価格も安いと思います。お店の対応もよかったです。","このシリーズを買うの3台目になりました。黒の発色が綺麗です。値段を考えれば十分すぎる性能でしょう。"]}

Output sample


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