Japanese Hiragana Conversion API


By using Japanese Hiragana Conversion API, you can create an application which converts a Japanese web page written in Kanji characters into a page written only in Hiragana characters.

Overview: Japanese Hiragana Conversion API

Japanese Hiragana Conversion API converts the sent-in Japanese strings which contains Kanji characters into Hiragana or Katakana.
For example, the string "漢字が混ざっている文章" is converted into "かんじが まざっている ぶんしょう". This converted string is split into clauses by white spaces.
Those converted words are useful when creating the documents for children or Japanese learner.



Request parameters

Acceptable POST requests: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json
※ Please be note that GET requests are not acceptable.

Parameter name Explanation
app_id(Required) Application ID
Required item
request_id Request ID
If omitted, then request_id is assumed to be “form|pos|read”
sentence(Required) Japanese string to analyze
Required item
output_type (Required) Character type to convert
Required itemPlease select one of "hiragana" or "katakana".

Response parameters

API response body: JSON format
API content-type: application/json

Parameter name Explanation
request_id Same value as request
output_type Same value as request
converted Converted string

Input/Output sample

Input sample(application/json)

{"app_id":"[app_id]", "request_id":"record003", "sentence":"漢字が混ざっている文章", "output_type":"hiragana"}

Output sample

{"request_id":"record003","output_type":"hiragana","converted":"かんじが まざっている ぶんしょう"}

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