Japanese Named Entity Extraction API


By using Japanese Named Entity Extraction API, you can create an application which extracts "named entities", such as a person name or location name, from Japanese strings.

Overview: Japanese Named Entity Extraction API

Japanese Named Entity Extraction API extracts "named entities", such as person names, location names, and so on, from the sent-in Japanese strings.

In the case of the sent-in Japanese string is "鈴木さんがきょうの9時30分に横浜に行きます。" (Mr. Suzuki goes to Yokohama at today's 9:30.), "鈴木"(Mr. Suzuki), "横浜"(Yokohama), "きょう"(today) and "9時30分"(9:30) are extracted. "鈴木"(Mr. Suzuki) is a person name, "横浜"(Yokohama) is a location name, "きょう"(today) is a date expression and "9時30分"(9:30) is a time expression.
This API also extracts organization names, such as "XYZ corporation", and artifact names, such as "AAA building".
Those named entity words are useful when extracting the marketing data on the web. It makes easier to finding this week's hot location from SNS posts.



Request parameters

Acceptable POST requests: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json
※ Please be note that GET requests are not acceptable.

Parameter name Explanation
app_id (Required) Application ID
Required item
request_id Request ID
If omitted, then request_id is assumed to be “form|pos|read”
sentence (Required) Japanese string to analyze
Required item
class_filter named entity's type filter
Select named entity type to output from "ART"(artifact name), "ORG"(organization name), "PSN"(person name), "LOC"(location name), "DAT"(date expression) and "TIM"(time expression). In the case selecting more than one information, join these strings separated by "|".
If omitted, then assume all named entity types are outputted.

Response parameters

API response body: JSON format
API content-type: application/json

Parameter name Explanation
request_id Same value as request
class_filter Same value as request
ne_list the list of named entities.
An array of named entity information. Each named entity information has form and type.

Input/Output sample

Input sample(application/json)

{"app_id":"[app_id]", "request_id":"record002", "sentence":"鈴木さんがきょうの9時30分に横浜に行きます。"}

Output sample


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