Japanese Morphological Analysis API


By using Japanese Morphological Analysis API, you can create an application which divides Japanese language strings into the smallest unit of a word that has meaning, called morpheme.

Overview: Japanese Morphological Analysis API

Japanese Morphological Analysis API divides the sent-in Japanese strings into word units called morpheme.

For example, the string "この商品はデザインが斬新だ(This product is novel in design) “ breaks into units -“この”, “商品”, “は”, “デザイン”, “が”, “斬新”, “だ”.

Those segmented words are useful when extracting the marketing data on the web. It makes easier to analyzing readers’ evaluation on each word and expression from the product reviews and articles.



Request parameters

Acceptable POST requests: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json
※ Please be note that GET requests are not acceptable.

Parameter name Explanation
app_id(Required) Application ID
Required item
request_id Request ID
If omitted, then request_id is assumed to be “form|pos|read”
sentence(Required) Japanese string to analyze
Required item
info_filter Morpheme Information Filter
Select morpheme information to output from "form"(written characters), "pos"(part of speech) and read(pronunciation written in KATAKANA). In the case selecting more than one information, join these strings separated by "|". If omitted, then info_filter is assumed to be "form|pos|read".
pos_filter Part of Speech Filter of Morpheme
Select the "pos"(part of speech) to output. When selecting more than one pos, link these strings with "|".
If omitted, then assume all morphemes are outputted.

Response parameters

API response body: JSON format
API content-type: application/json

Parameter name Explanation
request_id Same value as request
info_filter Same value as request
pos_filter Same value as request
word_list List of Morphemes
A Morpheme list is an array of sentences.
A sentence list includes a specified morphological information, and each morpheme information consists of "form", "pos", and "read" in the selected info_filter.Example:
Morpheme list: [ [ [" Sentence"] and [" 1"] ["."]] [ [" Sentence"] and [" 2"] ["."]]]
Sentence unit morpheme list: [ [" Sentence"] and [" 1"] ["."]]
Morpheme information: [" Sentence"]

Input/Output sample

Input sample(application/json)

{"app_id":"[app_id]", "request_id":"record001", "sentence":"日本語を分析します", "info_filter":"form"}

Output sample


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